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Write For Us

Eleanor’s Books has been dedicated to finding out-of-the-box writers who can bring fresh ideas into our world of work. We’re always looking at new ways to expand what people know by sharing different perspectives on how things are done or seen from someone else’s point of view. Be it in blogging about current events or chronicling an artist through their entire life story. So if creativity sparks conversation within yourself while also inspiring others around them, join us today as one writer among many voices striving towards making discourse more engaging than ever before.

We encourage people who can captivate with their words, enchanting the world through their writing tone that is hard done by many today. 

We hope this opportunity attracts your attention because if you would like more information or want to take advantage of what we have going on please contact [email protected].

If you need a source that understands arts and literature, then you are on the right website. Eleanors Books is dedicated to finding the best arts and literature work today and making sure we curate and create weekly content for our readers. We share our writers’ point-of-views in a manner that is straightforward and well-thought-out manner.

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