Write For Us: Guest Post Opportunities for Literature Blog

Guest Post Opportunity at Eleanor’s Books 

So, you’ve read a book and have some insight to share. Let’s say you want to connect with people who have read the same book and discuss your thoughts. If you can turn your thoughts and opinions into a full-fledged article, we’d be more than willing to publish it on Eleanor’s Books. 

Eleanor’s Books welcomes bookworms, arts and literature enthusiasts, avid readers, and aspiring writers. Make the most out of our guest post opportunity by submitting an article that showcases your talents. We’d love to share our platform with you. 

Why Write For Us?

Writing for Eleanor’s Books will go a long way in terms of sharpening your writing skills, sharing your unique opinions, reaching a wider audience, and gaining more website traffic on your own pages.

Guidelines for Guest Post Submissions

  1. Your post must be 100% unique. We have zero tolerance for plagiarized content.
  2. Your guest post must be error-free and must be checked for both syntax and spelling errors before submission. 
  3. Your guest blog must be 800+ words, but you’re free to write more or (slightly) less provided that your article is insightful and of good quality. 
  4. Include at least one picture or graphic in your post.
  5. We only accept 1 backlink per guest post which must not be related to gambling, fictitious, or adult sites. If you want a do-follow backlink, contact us for more details.
  6. Adding affiliate links to the guest post is not allowed. If you want to sponsor a post instead, you can advertise with us.

If you feel like your content matches our criteria, then submit it for checking. After a thorough review by our editors, we will contact you again to let you know whether your article will be published or not. We’ll also send you a live URL of your published article. 

You can contact us by emailing us at editorial@eleanorsbooks.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!