How tweets can help us make sense of internal party politics

by Daniel Braby & Marius Sältzer, The LoopMarch 19, 2021 Identifying the individual positions of MPs inside the same political parties is a longstanding problem for political science. Daniel Braby and Marius Sältzer argue that applying automated content analysis to MPs’ Twitter timelines can provide a good estimate of sub-party positions Focus on politicians, not just parties In Europe, parties […]

How ‘linguistic mirroring’ can make you more convincing

By Bryan Lufkin22nd December 2020 New research shows that analysing someone’s communication type and parroting it back may make you more persuasive.E Everyone knows that currying favour is harder than it looks. Getting someone on your side – whether it’s during a presentation or pitch, or simply trying to wow during a social interaction – is a nerve-wracking process. Do they […]

AI Could Help Predict Alzheimer’s Disease Early Using Language

IBM and Pfizer researchers develop a machine learning linguistic AD biomarker. Posted Oct 22, 2020 |  Reviewed by Matt Huston Can linguistics, the scientific study of language, be used to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) using artificial intelligence (AI)?  Scientists from IBM Research and Pfizer created a novel machine learning model that can help predict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease ahead of […]