How tweets can help us make sense of internal party politics

by Daniel Braby & Marius Sältzer, The LoopMarch 19, 2021 Identifying the individual positions of MPs inside the same political parties is a longstanding problem for political science. Daniel Braby and Marius Sältzer argue that applying automated content analysis to MPs’ Twitter timelines can provide a good estimate of sub-party positions Focus on politicians, not just parties In Europe, parties […]

Learning loss, literacy bills advance through Tennessee Senate, House committees

By Vivian Jones | The Center SquareJan 20, 2021 (The Center Square) – Bills aimed at curbing pandemic-related learning loss and boosting literacy rates are advancing through the Tennessee Legislature at a rapid pace, as lawmakers continue a week-long special session on education. A bill to limit COVID-19-related learning loss advanced through three committees Wednesday and is scheduled to be considered […]

After-school programs’ potential and achievement

by Sui-Jade Ho, The Journalist’s ResourceDecember 2, 2009 Over the past decade, funding for and participation in after-school programs has grown substantially. To ensure that their promise is effectively delivered, evaluating their relative benefits and required factors for success is critical. A 2008 review by the Harvard Family Research Project of available studies, “After-School Programs in the 21st Century: Their […]