How ‘cultural homelessness’ has forced questioned identities

Some multicultural ASU community members have questioned their identity due to others’ opinions, but have created their own space By Adriana Gonzalez-Chavez03/22/2021 “It’s hard enough finding out who you are without members of your own culture questioning your cultural identity.” When Diya Patel moved from the U.S. to India, she felt like an outsider in her family’s motherland. Patel, a freshman […]

How tweets can help us make sense of internal party politics

by Daniel Braby & Marius Sältzer, The LoopMarch 19, 2021 Identifying the individual positions of MPs inside the same political parties is a longstanding problem for political science. Daniel Braby and Marius Sältzer argue that applying automated content analysis to MPs’ Twitter timelines can provide a good estimate of sub-party positions Focus on politicians, not just parties In Europe, parties […]

PAC donations aren’t just about money, they’re about the time they buy

BY NICHOLAS OCCHIUTO, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR FOR THE HILL— 03/10/21 The House of Representatives has passed a sweeping election, governing and ethics bill, known as H.R. 1. One of the key objectives of the comprehensive bill is to reduce the influence of corporate money in the political process. To do so, the “For the People Act of 2021” creates a small-donor public financing system to offset corporate political […]

‘Minari’ wins best foreign-language film, but not without controversy.

Feb. 28, 2021By Maya Salam and Robert Ito “Minari,” Lee Isaac Chung’s semi-autobiographical story about a Korean-American family seeking the American dream in rural Arkansas during the 1980s, was the favorite for the best foreign-language film Golden Globe, and on Sunday night, it secured the trophy. “This one here, she’s the reason I made this film,” Chung said in his acceptance speech, while […]

‘The Opioid Epidemic and U.S. Culture’: New Book Sheds Light on Expressive Culture and Its Protests of Isolating Language Regarding Addiction

by Kristen Uppercue, 100 Days in AppalachiaFebruary 16, 2021 There’s often a disconnect between statistics on opioid use disorders and the real people the numbers represent. That disconnect tends to trickle its way down to the policymakers tasked with enacting change and providing opportunities to those living with a substance use disorder. At least, that’s what Travis Stimeling, associate professor […]

Upstate New York Man Finds Late 19th Century Photography Studio In Secret Attic

By CBSNewYork TeamFebruary 4, 2021 at 9:21 pm GENEVA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A man in upstate New York found an attic full of priceless photographs. David Whitcomb bought a building for his law office in Geneva. After noticing something strange with the ceiling, he discovered a secret attic. David Whitcomb bought a building for his law office in Geneva. After noticing something strange […]

Learning loss, literacy bills advance through Tennessee Senate, House committees

By Vivian Jones | The Center SquareJan 20, 2021 (The Center Square) – Bills aimed at curbing pandemic-related learning loss and boosting literacy rates are advancing through the Tennessee Legislature at a rapid pace, as lawmakers continue a week-long special session on education. A bill to limit COVID-19-related learning loss advanced through three committees Wednesday and is scheduled to be considered […]

‘I had goosebumps’: Deaf Coloradans say sign language during inauguration is step forward

A fire captain led the Pledge of Allegiance using both her voice and sign language during the nationally-televised event. Author: Jennifer MecklesPublished: 10:36 PM MST January 20, 2021 WASHINGTON — Like many others across the country, Mandy Turner and Katie Cue were watching the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday. They said a powerful moment that caught them by surprise. “Oh, goosebumps,” Turner signed […]

How ‘linguistic mirroring’ can make you more convincing

By Bryan Lufkin22nd December 2020 New research shows that analysing someone’s communication type and parroting it back may make you more persuasive.E Everyone knows that currying favour is harder than it looks. Getting someone on your side – whether it’s during a presentation or pitch, or simply trying to wow during a social interaction – is a nerve-wracking process. Do they […]

OPINION: Abstract art and realism are valid and important forms of visual expression

By Jadyn LeeNovember 19, 2020 Most people, artists or not, have likely encountered stereotypes about visual art. I’ve often heard people comment that abstract art requires no talent or that realism doesn’t require creativity. I am no different — I used to hold a narrow perspective on art, defining “good” art through only limited constraints such as technical skill level and use of detail. I’ve […]